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Rooted Clones

Are you tired of false promises of marijuana strains that never deliver what you have been told? If you are looking for true, tested genetics, that are guaranteed, we can offer you that. We have high THC Clones, Indica Clones, Sativa Clones, CBD Clones, and Hybrids. We offer the best clone service in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, guaranteed. We also offer a vendor buy back program, ask one of our clone specialists today.


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Teen Plants

Teens are plants that have been grown and have reached 18-24 inches. This size is ideal for growers to reduce vegetative periods. We will grow your strains to your desired height so you can shorten cycle times and reduce costs. A Flower Ready plant is greater than 30 inches tall including the pot. If you are interested in a specific strain of Flower Ready plants, please pre-order the number of plants and strains that you need.


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Fresh Cuts

Cloning, when done properly, can have a 100% success rate. Many growers choose to start with fresh cuts, or clones with no roots yet, to reduce costs and get a second set of plants midway through their current flowering cycle. This allows you to start flowering a second group of plants as soon as the first group is harvested. The advantage is that you will always have plants in the flowering cycle, which increases your yield by greatly reducing the amount of time between harvests. This over-lapping or staggered grow cycle is a favorite among professional horticulturists, as it is a very efficient way to run a garden.


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Automatic Delivery

We will in accordance with your growing schedule, have your clones or teens ready for you to simply put in. No more last minute searches for correct genetics. No more lapses in timing, causing lost revenue. No more second guessing clone providers. We guarantee that when your schedule is set, that we will meet it or beat it, ensuring that you can maximize your time, while lowering your overhead. We carry many straions, indica, sativa, hydrids, CBDs, in many flavors, ensuring that no matter what your need, we can fill it with the confidence that you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation. 888.878.6094